Shrek 2017 Info

Some Shrek information for you to think about for next June.
We will be doing Shrek for the first time, and we have the theatre for 2 weekends.

There will be 8-9 shows total, instead of 6.

Each cast will get a Friday evening, and a Sat. evening a different weekend, which will be great to offer all families.

There will still be TWO ensemble casts- Red and Blue

We will have a normal production week, and then only one show on Father's Day.
Everyone will have some time off after the Sunday afternoon show on 6/18, and come back on Thurs. 6/22 at 5 pm or 7:30 pm for "brush up" rehearsals for both casts.

On the second weekend, we MAY have another Friday morning outreach, Friday eve show at 7 pm, and two shows on Sat. at 2 pm, and 7 pm. Shrek will be done on Sat. eveJune 24 before 10 pm.  Go on vacation on June 25th!!!

Each ensemble cast will have one show per day usual.

Participants cannot just do ONE of the weekends, they must commit to both weekends.
The second weekend would be Thurs-Sat, with NO rehearsals on the Mon., Tues, or Wed. (6/19-6/21)

This is a trial for us, to see if we like having two weekends, or lets see how it goes!

First rehearsal is on Monday, February 13, and the performances are June 16-18, and June 23-24, 2017.

Call the office with any questions at 661-299-5264

Click HERE for Shrek registration information.