About Us

ESCAPE is not just about the final production. We are about the whole learning process. When you register for ESCAPE, you are assured a role in the ensemble, as well as the opportunity to audition for a lead role. This environment is designed to teach children about being a part of an ensemble, not just a solo part. There is no "I" in the word "ensemble." Everyone here is equally important. Parents are also given the unique opportunity to train and perform with their children. During the three months of training, your child will learn singing techniques, voice projection, dancing, acting and stage presence. This program allows children the opportunity to develop self-esteem, discipline, creativity and teamwork, in a positive, supportive environment. Through the gratifying "experience" of musical theatre, your child will leave the theatre with newly discovered skills and unique talents that have expanded over the three month learning process.

Our mission is to give youth and teens an opportunity to develop skills in singing, dancing, and acting while developing self-esteem, discipline, creativity and teamwork in an environment that is positive, supportive, and most importantly, FUN!